The Journal of Muslim Mental Health is intended to be a practical resource for clinicians of all backgrounds in their work with Muslim patients or clients. To this end, The Journal features a Cultural Formulation section intended to demonstrate the role of culture in mental health assessment and treatment in a case-based format.

The Journal invites mental health clinicians to submit thoughtful and concise discussions of clinical cases involving Muslim patients or clients, for the Cultural Formulation section of the Journal. Submissions should be 4-10 pages, consisting of: 1) A traditional case presentation of a Muslim patient or client, and 2) a discussion of the case with special attention to cross-cultural, religious or ethnic factors, following the DSM V Cultural Formulation format. Please see the Committee on Cultural Psychiatry Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry text "Cultural Assessment in Clinical Psychiatry" for a detailed description on how to perform a cultural formulation. Please use American Psychological Association Publishing guidelines, and limit to ten references.

We encourage submissions from any clinician with relevant practical experience in treating Muslims, with or without a background in research or academia. It is hoped that authors from a wide variety of backgrounds and clinical settings will utilize this forum to highlight their creative and cross-culturally sensitive approaches to Muslim mental health in daily clinical practice.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.